I was commissioned by Editora Instrinseca (Brazil) do illustrate this busy artwork where we can see folks from small villages and also from big cities.
Art Direction: Aline Ribeiro
Here is the creation process:

I begin with a really loose sketch, just distributing the elements on the composition.
When this stage is complet I add the character positions. They ar not more than little sausages at this point.
After that I work on the outlines, detailing the scenario and the maing charaters.
When the main characters are already having fun, it is time to bring the ducks and other animals to life!

And then it is time to add the colors. I distribute the same color on the entire composition after going to the next colors. This way I'm sure that the colors are evenly distributed.
Then, to finish the illustration, it is time to add lights, shadows and additional textures.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for watching!
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